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    Welcome to Grizzly RT RV Park

    14505 CR 30 Lake City, CO 81235

    The following items are for the safety and enjoyment of all our guests:

    1. Check out 11:00 AM, Check in 1:00 PM.

    2. Speed limit is 5 MPH in the park. ATV’s, motorcycles and vehicles are

    allowed to drive in an out of park. Please do not drive around inside the


    3. Pets are to be kept ON A LEASH and under supervision at all times. Please

    make sure you clean up after your pet.

    4. ALL QUIET: 11:00 PM. Please make sure your fire is out and your

    conversations are moved to the inside of your camper.

    5. BEARS: Please do not leave any trash, food, or drinks unattended outside of

    your camper. Make sure all trash is taken to the bear proof dumpster. Also,

    make sure you keep your doors to your vehicles locked.

    6. No tents allowed.

    7. Fire Pits: Campers are responsible for maintaining their fire. It must be put

    out if you leave the campsite or finished for the night. Campfires will not be

    permitted when burn ban is in effect.

    8.  Cancellation Policy:  No refunds on deposit.

    9.  Monthly rate only 4 guests allowed.

    10.  Daily rate limit 5 guests per camper per site, $10.00 additional fee for guests over 4.

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